Toastmasters International actually breaks this down into two separate roles: The Grammarian, who provides the Word of the Day and listens for use of language, and the Ah-Counter, who counts the ums, ahs, uhs, etc. 

In Seymour Speakers we combine the two!

The Grammarian’s purpose is to do the following:

  • Listen to each speaker’s use of language and note any particularly good (or bad!) phrases, catch-words, jargon, etc.
  • Count the number of ums/ahs/ers/lip smacks, etc. and collect a 10 cent fine for each crutch word or filler word used, usually to a maximum of 50 cents. Guests are exempt. Please be sure to explain this part clearly at the beginning of the meeting, including the fines and the guest exemption!
  • Provide a Word of the Day for speakers to work into their speeches and presentations. The Word of the Day needs to fill a few criteria: 1. It should be relevant to the meeting theme. 2. It needs to be a word that can easily be worked into speech. Adjectives and nouns generally work the best.
  • Make a poster/print out of the Word of the Day and display in a few places around the room. Make sure the word is BIG ENOUGH that it can be seen!
    • TIP: The best ratio for letter height to distance is 1 inch high for every 10 feet away. Use a bold simple font style, on a high contrast background.  For example, 2″ high letters can be seen 20′ away.  Our meeting room is closer to 30′ deep so 2″ to 3″ high letters are best for an easy read.

This is a worksheet that was passed on from another Toastmaster.  It’s quite good!