Executive Role – V.P. Education

The VP Education is responsible for ensuring that each member sets and has the opportunity to achieve his or her goals.  This includes encouraging members to work through the CC manual and other development tracks and supporting all members via mentorship programs and educational sessions.  The VP Ed is responsible for scheduling all meetings to ensure that new members actively engage in the club through agenda roles, and that all members stay on track to complete their goals.

Club Constitution and the Standard Bylaws of Toastmasters International:

Toastmasters Club Constitution for Member Clubs, Article VII: Duties of Officers, Section 2

The vice president education is the second ranking club officer and is responsible for planning, organization and directing a club program which meets the educational needs of the individual members. The vice president education chairs the education committee. The vice president education also serves as one of this club’s representatives on the area and district councils and shall take no action binding upon this club without either specific prior authorization or subsequent ratification by this club. 

Vice President Education Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate Club Schedule
  • Assist with Education Awards
  • Plan Speech Contests
  • Manage Mentor Program