The Toastmaster has two primary responsibilities: they provide a toast for the day (relevant to the theme), and introduce the speakers and their evaluators. Here’s a general format to use when you’re in the Toastmaster role:
  1. Introduce self & role
  2. Talk about the toast and who is being toasted (lead the toast by saying something like “please stand and raise your glasses in a toast to…” then indicate that the group should sit back down)
  3. Have the speech evaluator for Speaker #1 read the objectives for the speech. You could get to that by saying something like “The first speech this morning is from Jane Doe. Jane is working on her Competent Communicator manual and will be presenting speech #2 from the manual. Bill Smith will be her evaluator; Bill, would you please stand and give the objectives for Jane’s speech?” **
  4. Give Speaker 1’s thoughts on the theme, then introduce the speaker in the following manner:
    • Speaker Name, Speech Title, Speech Title, Speaker Name. Lead the applause! ** Don’t start the applause after the speech evaluator has read the objectives, instead wait until the speaker has been introduced and is making his or until her way up to the lectern.
  5. Give one minute for written evaluations.
  6. Repeat #3-5 for Speaker #2.
  7. Give Evaluator #1’s thoughts on the theme, then introduce Evaluator #1.
  8. Give Evaluator #2’s thoughts on the theme, then introduce Evaluator #2.
  9. Turn the meeting back to the Chairperson.
If you’re new to the Toastmaster role, it’s a good idea to write out everything you are going to say in order – with things like the one minute for written evaluations highlighted if necessary (it’s an easy one to forget).