Vancouver is full of Toastmasters Clubs, so why on earth would you want to join Seymour Speakers?? Let us tell you why.

I wanted to take a minute and say thank you for that fabulous first meeting of 2016.  I was feeling a little under the weather and contemplated sleeping in, but I’m so glad I forced myself up and out the door, or I would have missed the experience.

As I walked to my office after the meeting I had an “epiphany” (I know it doesn’t count to use the word of the day now), but it happened. It had to do with both Aly’s short talk on goal-setting and Arthur’s bang-on and needed feedback on my table talk. The short of it is that I was left with a renewed sense of confidence and a commitment to set some clear, concrete goals moving forward in 2016.  After a rough December that left me feeling a bit discouraged, I felt my attitude make a positive and important shift.

This group has an amazing power for each of us. I was open to receiving the gift that came my way that morning and I’m certain you all are too.


I joined toastmasters because I wanted to become more confident in business presentations and public speaking. There is only one way to become better at anything and that is to practice and learn from mentors. Seymour Speakers has been a fantastic environment to learn and have been so welcoming and encouraging. I would encourage anyone with any career or lifestyle to consider adding the skills that Toastmasters teaches.

Corbin Lowe, Joined Seymour Speakers in 2016

I joined Seymour Speakers in the fall of 1993, after attending a Speechcraft Session while working for MacMillan Bloedel Research as a Chemist.  After graduation from the Speechcraft, I elected to join Seymour Speakers, a new club started by TeleSpeakers in 1989 – a young club with a lot of energy with growing members.

I have learnt much on how to produce a good speech and what effects it can have on an audience from listening to great speakers at Toastmaster Conferences throughout the years.

I have, in the leadership track, served as member of the executive of the club including VP Education, President and afterwards Area Governor.  Although I attended a few Advanced clubs I elected not to join but rather to spend more time with the grassroots club, Seymour Speakers.

I remember my fright in speaking to an audience in High School; I had always wanted to address this fear. I am happy to say after much practise I have learned to be more comfortable speaking in front of an audience.

Arthur Gee, Joined Seymour Speakers in 1989

Twenty-nine years ago my doctor told me to join Toastmasters. He said, “It will build up your confidence.” He was correct. Toastmasters is one of the best programs on the planet. It’s impossible to develop speaking skills without developing research, organization, assessment and evaluative skills. It’s impossible to become a better speaker without practice and feedback. That is why I joined Seymour Speakers Toastmasters and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. If you’re looking for support and encouragement, Seymour Speakers has it. If you’re looking for a place to challenge yourself and grow Seymour Speakers is the place. If you are looking for energy, fun and great way to kick-start your day, you’ll find it at Seymour Speakers. I love the people. I love the club and I love the results in my life.

Dorothea Hendricks, Joined Seymour Speakers in 1993

I joined Seymour Speakers in September 2016. I was wanting to practice speaking in public and begin to improve my leadership skills. I was very nervous and unsure as to whether or not this would be the right fit for me. I was a guest for a couple of sessions and then decided to become a member. This club in particular is so fun! I never knew I would be laughing so much at a public speaking group! I have learned so much. I never knew how organized and detailed the club was. Taking on various roles each week such as timer and grammarian has been eye opening for me. Such organization and planning is included in each meeting! Toastmasters covers so many aspects of growth both in a career setting and in day to life. Everyone is so cheerful and friendly. The atmosphere is light, fun, yet professional. Each member has something different to bring to the table. I learn so much hearing them speak and I always take away such  helpful hints and great advice that I can apply to my own journey with toastmasters. This past holiday season I had to speak in front of a room of 200 professionals at my workplace. It was a very short introduction about a children’s performance but in the past I would have been stressing about it for days and trying to weasel my way out of it. Not this time! It’s a really great feeling not having the fear and anxiety I used to be plagued with 🙂

Heather Parsons, Joined Seymour Speakers in 2016

I joined Seymour Speakers in January 2013 after a 4 year break from my previous Vancouver Toastmasters club.  I originally joined Toastmasters to improve my public speaking ability both in one-on-one meetings as well as large group presentations, both of which I frequently do in my compliance and wealth management career.  The experience with Toastmasters generally, and with Seymour Speakers specifically, has been a great learning journey, very rewarding professionally, and, above all, A LOT of fun!  Seymour Speakers has the energy, guidance, experience, enthusiasm and professionalism to benefit any member who is willing to add Toastmasters to their own experience!

Dave Sotvedt, Joined Seymour Speakers in 2013

As a new member (September 2016) of Seymour Speakers and as a recent transplant from Europe I was excited at the opportunity of improving my speaking skills. Six months later, not only have I greatly improved my speaking skills, but I also have a much better command of the English language. This, in part, is due to the extremely supportive and nonjudgmental group of people that make up Seymour Speakers. I feel confident getting up in front of them knowing that we are all here for the same purpose. The wealth of information provided by Toastmasters in the form of booklets, which break down the structure of a speech and takes you through the process of writing a speech step by step, has also been incredibly useful. Lastly, all new members are assigned a mentor, if they wish to have one. My mentor has done a truly excellent job of guiding me through the program. I cannot thank her or the rest of the Seymour Speakers team enough for making this such a wonderful experience.

Nico Lingg, Joined Seymour Speakers in 2016

Danielle has been in Toastmasters on and off for about 10 years. She has learned to move into her own confidence, personal power and communication needed to excel in today’s business landscape from Toastmasters. She invites you to… “come and take YOU to the next level – come join the fun!”

Danielle Knight