Executive Role – President

The President provides leadership and guidance to the club in order to ensure that a positive and supportive environment is maintained, members are challenged and are equipped with the tools to fulfill their self-development goals, the club retains members and continues to grow, and the club strives to attain Distinguished Club status.  The President also manages the club Mentorship Program.

Club Constitution and the Standard Bylaws of Toastmasters International:

Toastmasters Club Constitution for Member Clubs, Article VII: Duties of Officers, Section 1

The club president is the chief executive officer of this club and is responsible for fulfilling the mission of this club. The president presides at meetings of this club and the club executive committee; appoints all committees; and has general supervision of the operation of this club. The president shall be an ex officio member of all Committees of this club except the club Nominating Committee and shall serve as one of this club’s representatives on the area and district councils. The president shall transmit to this club for its approval or disapproval all ideas and plans proposed by the area and district councils which may affect this club or its individual members; and shall take no action building upon this club without either specific prior authorization or subsequent ratification by this club.

President Responsibilities:

  • Preside over Meetings
  • Earn Distinguished Club Recognition
  • Lead and Guide