When you become a Seymour Speaker Toastmaster, you are given the opportunity to be matched with a mentor. Mentors are long-standing club members who can help you prepare for your first club roles and your first three speeches. They are there to help show you the ropes and be that friend in the club who you can ask questions and seek advice.

We asked two of our successful mentorship matches to explain how they have benefited from the mentorship program.



Kat & Melanie – Mentorship Match Highlight

Mentee’s thoughts:

1. Who is your mentor?  Melanie Knight

2. What has been the most valuable aspect of having a mentor? The most valuable aspect for me personally is that my mentor, Melanie Knight,  has shared her Toast Master’s experience and knowledge with me.  It is helpful to practice in front of friends or family, but an experienced Toast Master is in a much better position to give you constructive advice and guidance.

3. Tell me about what/how your mentor supported you? Melanie has been so generous with her time.  One week prior to my speech, Melanie and I would meet for coffee and she listened to me deliver my speech.  She was always very enthusiastic about my subject and assured me that the Toast Master audience would enjoy it. She helped me with my confidence and be excited about giving my speech.

4. What would you recommend to other new toasties and their mentors?  I would recommend that they get to know each other with an intro meeting over coffee.  It’s helpful to establish trust so that the mentor feels comfortable giving advice and that the new Toasty feels like a part of Toast Masters.


Mentor’s thoughts:

1. Who is your mentee? Kat Garrod!

2. What has been the most valuable aspect of having a mentee? I have loved getting to know Kat more deeply through our mentorship meetups. Kat is an incredible person and it has been so amazing to learn more about her passions, see her get more comfortable in front of the club and apply her learnings immediately.

3. Tell me about how you have benefited from having a mentee?  In addition to making an awesome new friend, I have benefited from seeing Kat’s amazing preparation and elegant speech writing style. It has encouraged me to be more prepared in my speeches and roles.

4. What would you recommend to other new toasties and their mentors? Set your own rules based on your mentee’s goals. Get together at least once, ideally before every speech. Mentors, it is your job to check in and keep asking how to support your mentee. Don’t forget to help them out before new roles they take on so they can be well prepared and feel like they are #winning from the get-go.

Interested in getting mentored or being a mentor to a new club member? Contact Tomomi Omote or Melanie Knight to get matched.

Next week we will look at another of our mentorship matches, so stay tuned!!