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ALY LEWISName: Aly Lewis
Profession: Holistic Nutritionist & Small Business Coach
Websites: &
Twitter Handle: @alyski
Instagram Handle: @alyski and @skinspiredsociety
Toastmasters Member since: October 2015

Aly Lewis is a lover of all things cats, food, and photography. Her guilty pleasure is a quiet night in knitting and watching reality TV. She is a small business owner, and in 2015 she started an online Nutrition Consulting business where she helps women in their 30’s resolve their digestive issues using food and lifestyle changes. Aly has mad love for her partner in life, Erik, and together they love skiing, travelling, and fostering kitties through VOKRA.

Why did you join Toastmasters?

To practice my public speaking so that I can bring this skill to my work. As a nutritionist I want to begin hosting live webinars and in-person events, so I know my speaking skills need to be on point. I used to actually love public speaking as a kid, as I found it thrilling, but as I grew up and became more self aware, my confidence for speaking in front of others declined. I have such high admiration for people who can own the stage, and I know that with consistent practice I’ll get there myself one day too.

What are your top 3 tips for giving a successful speech?

  1. Practice. Practice! Practice in front of a mirror, practice in the shower, practice in front of your pets! Even record yourself and watch or listen to it back.
  2. Involve story whenever possible. I know for me personally I forget facts and figures right away, but tell me a story and I won’t forget it!
  3. Remember, everyone present wants you to succeed. It can seem scary to stand up in front of a group of people and share a little part of yourself, but if you remember that everyone is actually cheering you on, it can give you a boost of confidence.

What has been your biggest learning curve since joining Toastmasters?

Delivering an effective evaluation so that it is helpful for the whole group. The first one I did I said “You” a lot, and spoke directly to the speaker I was evaluating. The ironic thing was that I gave my evaluation directly after a presentation on how to deliver a good evaluation! But with every new thing I do at Toastmasters I end up learning so much, and I’m grateful for having had that experience.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In my business, I would love to be holding events and presenting to large groups of people on nutrition, as well as teaching small online business owners how to grow their businesses. I also plan to have several online nutrition and online business courses which will include videos and voice recordings of presentations. In the rest of my life, I plan to be happily married with a couple little ankle biter kids who really know how to shred it up on the ski hill and are fearless on a mountain bike. And cats. I want more cats.

How has being in Toastmasters helped you achieve career-related goals?

Shortly after I completed my Icebreaker speech I gave a presentation on stress and the immune system at a women’s networking event. I believe there were about 40-50 women there. I was super nervous, but the feedback I received was great! I also hope to MC a holistic nutrition conference in May 2016.


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  1. Melanie January 11, 2016 at 4:15 am - Reply

    Go Aly! Amazing speech. You have so many skills already and TM will only strengthen what you are great at. Keep it up. Glad you are a member of our club!
    Great interview Debbie – thanks for making this happen.

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