General Evaluator

The General Evaluator (GE), is the evaluator of anything and everything that happens – or doesn’t happen – during the meeting.  This person is also responsible for coaching the other evaluators in the meeting.

Here’s a two column spreadsheet that may be helpful for taking notes during the meeting:

General Evaluator Guide


1. Duties

  • Arrive early and prepared.  You’re evaluating the minute the meeting starts until you give your report at the end.
  • Have a sheet prepared to take notes on, especially if you’ve never done the role before.  (See GE Note-Taking Sheet above.)
  • You evaluate almost all of the roles (see next point).
  • You do not evaluate the Table Topics Speakers or the prepared speeches.  You DO evaluate the Table Topics Evaluator and Speech Evaluators.
  • Keeping the meeting on time is something that’s not always commented on but very important.  Touch base with the Chair, Toastmaster, Table Topics Master & Timer before the meeting starts so you (and they) know if there are any last minute changes to the schedule.
  • Touch base with the other evaluators prior to the meeting and let them know what you will be looking for and find out if they have any questions on how to do the role (especially if they are new at evaluating).
  • Present the awards at the end of the meeting, if applicable.


2. Things To Look For

  • Did the meeting start on time?
  • Did the meeting STAY on time/end on time?
  • Was the agenda accurate?
  • Were all the meeting roles filled prior to the start of the meeting, and did all the members on the roster arrive on time?
  • Were guests greeted and introduced?
  • Did the evaluators and other presenters use a suitable speech format?
  • Were the speech evaluators prepared?
  • Were there any visual or audible distractions during the meeting?
  • Was the guest book and meeting reference materials out and in an obvious place – and/or did someone (it doesn’t have to be the VP Membership) greet the guests, have them sign the book, and give them an agenda and meeting roles placard to follow along with?
  • Was the meeting well organized?


3. How To Present Your Evaluation

  • Most people start with the Chair and work their way down the list.  Even though the Toastmaster and Chair speak throughout the meeting, give any comments you have for them all at once (in other words, don’t evaluate how well the TM introduced the first evaluator, then talk about how the first evaluator did, then talk about how the TM introduced the second evaluator…).
  • K.I.S.S – Keep It Simple S (fill in the noun of your choice).  You’re on the clock. 5 minutes is normally what the GE gets, in some cases 7 or even 10 minutes is given (which is a bit of a luxury).
  • If the Timer dings you down, SUM UP and send the rest of your comments to the club or the individuals via email.  You’re there as much as the other roles to present an example of staying on time and on task.
  • Leave enough time to present the awards before turning the meeting back to the Chair.