Seymour Speakers Executive Team

Tanya Horne, President

The President provides leadership and guidance to the club in order to ensure that a positive and supportive environment is maintained, members are challenged and are equipped with the tools to fulfill their self-development goals, the club retains members and continues to grow, and the club strives to attain Distinguished Club status.  The President also manages the club Mentorship Program.
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Dorothea Hendriks, VP Education

The VP Education is responsible for ensuring that each member sets and has the opportunity to achieve his or her goals.  This includes encouraging members to work through the CC manual and other development tracks and supporting all members via mentorship programs and educational sessions.  The VP Ed is responsible for scheduling all meetings to ensure that new members actively engage in the club through agenda roles, and that all members stay on track to complete their goals.
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Michael Conchie, VP Membership

The VP Membership oversees all activities aimed at retaining and building club membership.  He/she is often the first point of contact for guests and prospective members.  As such, the VP Membership must ensure that all relevant information about the club is available and all questions can be answered.
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Kyriaki Papadopoulou, VP Public Relations

The VP Public Relations is responsible for all outward facing club initiatives.  This includes oversight of the club website, open house activities and any fundraising activities.  The VP Public Relations also informs club members about special club events (e.g., social gatherings).
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Bruce Black, Secretary

The Secretary maintains all official club documentation including the charter, constitution, officer lists and membership rosters.  He/she also schedules and documents the minutes for Executive Meetings.
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Mai Peredes, Treasurer

The Treasurer manages the club finances.  He/she keeps records of all financial transactions, ensures that appropriate signing authority is in place with the club’s financial institution, and sends membership dues to Toastmasters International prior to the annual deadlines.  The Treasurer also submits new member applications along with payment to TI.
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Michael Li, Sergeant-At-Arms

The Sergeant at Arms handles all meeting logistics.  He/she arranges the meeting space prior to each meeting ensuring that all standard and special materials and tools are available and ready for use.  He/she also ensures that the meeting starts on time.  The SAA places all orders for name tags.
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Dave Sotvedt, Past President

The primarily role of the Past President is to provide guidance and serve as a resource to club officers and members.  The Past President also assists in the club’s efforts to achieve success in a number of areas and is responsible for Chairing the nominations for successive officer elections.