Banner Wars! It’s on!!!

A huge thanks to Toastmasters Club Politically Speaking for inviting us to your June meeting!

Five Seymour Speakers members made it on Friday night to the Advanced club who meet the first Friday of the month at Roundhouse Community Centre in Vancouver. What a blast! The PS members didn’t hold back and had a wicked sense of humour!

It didn’t take long for them to work out that the SS members had a hidden agenda. We were there to take their banner!!!  It will take 5 PS members to come to our club to retrieve their banner back. Here are the “Banner Borrowing” guidelines:

Banner Borrowing

How do I take a banner?

By taking 5 members to a club, you have the right to borrow the banner and return it to your club.

How do I get my banner back?

By taking 5 members to the club that borrowed your banner, you can retrieve your banner back.

Why do banner borrowing?

1. Encourages members to ‘test their limits’ and visit other clubs

2. Gives members the opportunity to see how meetings at other clubs are run

3. Promotes leadership skills

4. Promotes organization skills

5. Encourages members to take on roles at other clubs.

Banner Borrowing Rules

  1. A club cannot take another clubs banner unless they have their own banner. This encourages the club to get their banner back.
  2. Five members are required of a “borrowing” party. Group members of the “borrowing” party must not be a member of the club which the banner will be borrowed. They must also be a registered member of the borrowing parties Toastmaster club prior to arrival.
  3. Five members are required of a “retrieval” party. Group members of the “retrieval” party, must not be a member of the club where the banner is being retrieved. They must also be a registered member of the retrieval parties Toastmaster club prior to arrival.
  4. To “retrieve” and “borrow” at a single meeting, 10 members are required.
  5. Banners can only be borrowed during a regular meeting, not at contests or special events. This prevents disruption of events.
  6. Banners can only be borrowed for a maximum of 30 days or 2 meetings of the borrowed clubs schedule; whichever is longer. It is the responsibility of the borrowing club to return the banner after this timeframe. This allows clubs who are unable to organize a group to receive their banner back.
  7. A club can only have one borrowed banner at a time. This prevents banner hording.
  8. When attending a meeting for the purposes of banner borrowing you should provide some piece offering (refreshments, pins, etc.).

So HEY Politically Speaking, better set your alarm clocks for early Thursday mornin’ coz we got your banner! ;-p

Seymour Speakers visit Politically Speaking


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  1. Aly June 20, 2017 at 8:03 pm - Reply

    So fun! I love this idea. What a great way to encourage members to check out other clubs!

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