The best way to spend your Thursday mornings

We at Seymour Speakers are productive early risers committed to developing our public speaking and leadership skills. We come from varied backgrounds – we are: entrepreneurs, lawyers, real-estate agents, filmmakers, students and much more! We have busy days – every minute accounted for. Morning meetings get us pumped for the day ahead, while allowing us to achieve our goals of education and growth without sacrificing our work days and our precious evenings.

At Seymour Speakers we offer affordable public speaking and leadership skills development in a professional and fun environment.

So if you…

  • Have landed that promotion and need to finesse your public speaking and leadership skills,
  • Have decided to join the ranks of highly successful people who get up early, and want to develop new skills with like-minded productive early risers,
  • Are launching your new business or products, and want to confidently present yourself and sell your work,
  • Or, simply only have your mornings available to invest in yourself…

You’ve found your community!

We meet every Thursday morning from 7:30am – 8:50 am online via ZOOM. Feel free to come as a guest to experience the energy of the club for yourself. After witnessing the welcoming, professional and supportive community we’ve cultivated at Seymour Speakers, we’re confident you’ll want to join!

Seymour Speakers is Club #7239 and is part of Toastmasters International District #96, Division N, Area 77.