A Visit to Hong Kong

By Arthur Gee.

The principal reason to go to Hong Kong for one whole month, was for my wife to visit her 90-year old mother as well as some other family members and friends.

Rosy met with her girlfriends on a regular basis, leaving me to my own device. I kept myself busy by wandering the markets, running races and visiting Toastmasters clubs!

There were several clubs holding meetings on Thursdays but none of them were in the morning like my home club Seymour Speakers. I decided to visit Dynamic Toastmasters who meet on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Thursdays of the month.  They meet in Yau Yat Chuen, Kowloon.

After a few subway changes, I finally arrive at L’Hotel Causeway Bay Harbour View. I entered the hotel, took the elevator to the 6th floor, and made my way to the Tin Hau room that seated about 30 people. Dynamic Toastmasters is a President’s Distinguished Club and has been since 1999. The Club is celebrating its 20th Year.


At 7pm sharp, the gavel hit the lecture and the club’s President, Eunice Su, gave her opening remarks. She then turned the gavel over to the Toastmaster Alex Lai, who is also the Club’s Treasurer.

The First Speaker was Lucille Wolf, a transplanted American. Lucille spoke of her experience running the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington D.C. Her story was not about the marathon itself,  but the journey.  She had pulled her hamstring therefore could not train. Her husband Dan had broken his foot and could not train either. Their injuries had healed by the time the marathon came around and they still planned to run!  They strained for over 8 hours, but that’s not what they remember most.  Halfway through the Marathon there was a mile of photos, wreaths and flowers commemorating those that had gave their lives in battle. The families were along that mile cheering the runners on and the runners did all they could to stop themselves from crying.  They just could not run and cry at the same time. It was a very moving speech.

Kitty Wong was the second speaker. Last year Kitty succeeded in winning the speech contest in her District and flew to Las Vegas to compete in the World’s Semi-finals! The title of her speech was “Why Men don’t have a Clue and Women always need more Shoes”. The speech was based on a book she had just read and boy, did she offer some good advice!

There was a fun and dynamic table topics session led by Simpson Lee. Four regulars spoke and then a couple of guests but thankfully I wasn’t asked to speak.

After the evaluations, Division Governor, Molly Yip, gave an educational speech. Molly’s spoke of the Toastmasters International Revitalized Educational Programme which will be phased in starting in fall 2016.  After 3 years, the current Toastmasters education system, will be phased out, that is obtaining ACB, ACS, ACG and DTM.  The only designation that will be bestowed will be DTM. Big changes ahead it seems!

The meeting was adjourned at 8.58pm and the President and most of the officers went to a nearby restaurant to socialize.

Dynamic Toastmasters, Hong Kong 2

Overall my experience was very interesting. Dynamic Toastmasters was a very welcoming club. I like the fact that they recognize each and every person who made a contribution to the meeting.  An award of a club bookmark was given to each person in recognition of their contribution.  The bookmark had the word “Dynamic” on one side and the Toastmaster’s oath on the other.
Perhaps I shall visit again during my next visit to Hong Kong!  I told them that they are welcome to visit Seymour Speakers in Vancouver, Canada anytime.

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    Great post Art! Thanks for capturing your experience!

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